Joe Ogden


Joe Ogden graduated from Carroll University with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Joe has been working at Freedom Physical Therapy since 2021.

Joe focuses on his patient’s goals. He is always looking for the best treatment methods to fit each patient’s specific needs. He enjoys making a personal connection with each patient he works with and finding the best solution to assisting the patient in rehabilitating from their injury or pain. “I enjoy working together with patients to establish their goals and plan of care to improve their lives.”

Joe has a passion for treating the overhead athlete and ensuring safe movement patterns for these individuals. In order give patient’s an improved rehabilitation process in 2022 Joe received his C-PS certification through Mike Reinold  which focuses on the entire body movement, identifying impairments and uses an in-depth treatment program to improve athlete’s conditions

In 2023 Joe completed his CPPS certification which he uses in conjunction with his C-PS certification to screen athletes to find their deficiencies in movement and then create an in-depth warm-up, workout program as well as recovery program to ensure optimal performance for all individuals.

Joe is also interested in treating individuals with lumbar spine pain and knee injuries. His manual skills help to improve his patient’s outcomes and get them back to work, sport, or play.

After completing his baseball career and transitioning to a new phase of life Joe has also begun distance running and enjoys training for marathons and eventually an ultra marathon. In order to become a better runner himself he has completed running certifications to have a better knowledge of his own body to also give patient’s an improved experience.

I recently earned my CPPS. This crednetial aims at enhancing athlete and individual performance. This in-depth process takes a deeper look at an individual’s movement capabilities to establish both strengths and weaknesses and adds proper warm-up techniques, movement patterns, and advanced programming to add speed, size, and strength to an individual’s current capabilities.

Joe enjoys spending time with his wife and family and finding the next best restaurant to go to. Joe is also a very passionate outdoorsman spending time hunting during the spring and fall each year.