Kaela Beugnet




Kaela graduated from Marquette University’s direct-admit Physical Therapy program with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

She completed clinical rotations in various settings, giving her a well-rounded clinical experience. Her rotations even took her out to the west coast, where she spent the summer treating orthopedic conditions. Having experienced many orthopedic injuries herself, Kaela has a passion for treating musculoskeletal conditions and knew early on that this was her desired career path.

While completing her education, Kaela sought additional opportunities to expand her orthopedic knowledge base, including taking a manual-based orthopedics elective course and completing a rotation at Marquette’s outpatient orthopedic clinic. She has worked with various patients, from older adults with fractures from falls to college students with knee, hip, and low back pain, to patients before and after having joint replacement surgery. Since graduating, Kaela has received additional training in trigger point dry needling and the evaluation and treatment of pelvic floor pain and dysfunction.

Kaela helps her patients meet their functional goals through hands-on interventions, targeted strengthening, and customized home exercise plans to promote confidence and success in their healing process. She ensures each of her patients feels comfortable and cared for from their first session to their last.

Kaela lives in Milwaukee and enjoys running, baking, knitting, and exploring the Milwaukee brewery scene with her family and friends.