Tracy Pfannerstill


Tracy Pfannerstill is a Marquette University Graduate, receiving her BS in Physical Therapy in 1992. Her career began at Columbia Hospital on Milwaukee’s east side where she focused on treating rheumatic conditions, including osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. She initiated a treatment program to address osteoporosis and taught exercise classes for clients with fibromyalgia.

In 1996, Tracy moved to an outpatient clinic. There, she practiced general orthopedics with a manual therapy emphasis. She became certified in instructing Pilates Mat classes, teaching at the YMCA. Teaching Pilates soon evolved into her passion for yoga. Tracy became trained in both Power Yoga and Alignment Yoga with the understanding that mind, body, and spirit are not separate entities in a client’s progression of wellness. Observing breathing patterns, pelvic health, core strength, and overall flexibility became a strong component of her PT treatments and viewing the patient as a whole.

In 2012, Tracy began working for a clinic that offered her the ability to work with a mentor in Myofascial Release. She was also able to incorporate yoga into treatment for patients dealing with chronic conditions as well as teach small, therapeutic classes. The emphasis was on helping clients create, and supporting them in their individual wellness programs. At Freedom, Tracy was able to complete her Dry Needling certification with Myopain Seminars as well as pursue her interests in Pelvic Health. She has been certified by Diane Lee in ISM and has completed the Herman & Wallace Curriculum for pelvic health. She enjoys working with prenatal and post-partum women especially, as well as issues involving incontinence, pelvic pain, and prolapse. Her belief is that it is necessary to treat the body as a whole, using manual therapy, strategies to reduce symptoms during
functional activities as well as exercises for their specific goals.

Currently, Tracy is living in Okauchee with her husband and the youngest of her 4 kids. As the kids leave the nest, she is enjoying more time learning, reading, traveling, just about anything outdoors, and yoga. Her latest pursuit is Julie Weibe’s “Treating and Training the Female Runner”.​