Freedom Performance Package

Freedom Performance Package

Freedom Performance Package

Better Health and Wellness, Focusing you You, All Year Long

Freedom Physical Therapy’s premium health and wellness package combines physical therapy and wellness in one comprehensive, year-long program. Designed to help you improve your health, prevent injury, and enhance your physical fitness and athletic performance. This customized package offers the ability to take care of yourself all year long. Take the next step in improving your overall well-being.

Health Benefits

  • Get customized, one-on-one, professional help to improve your overall health and wellness
  • Maximize sports and fitness performance with regular body maintenance
  • Address movement patterns and posture that place you at risk for pain and injury
  • Restore pain-free movement to allow you to pursue fitness goals
  • Treat overuse injuries before they become a chronic problem, such as tendonitis
  • Have the ability to address small aches and pains that pop up periodically

Cost Benefits

  • The plan’s fee can be paid for with funds from a person’s Health Savings Account and/or Flexible Spending Account, or cash
  • The cost of this comprehensive package is significantly lower than the cost of 12 monthly premium payments for health insurance purchased on

How It Works

For $1,800* a year, the program provides:

  • The ability to address any ache, pain, or concern you may be experiencing
  • An initial evaluation of your functional movement patterns and your current restrictions
  • The functional movement evaluation can be used to guide sessions if no other areas of pain or concern are present.
  • 11 additional one-on-one, 45-minute sessions over the course of one calendar year
  • A personalized home exercise program to complete at your home or gym

*An additional $10 will be charged for dry needling, payable at each visit.

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