How much will physical therapy cost?


While medical insurance can be confusing, at Freedom we do all that we can to help you navigate and understand this process.  We are here not only to take care of your therapy needs, but also to support you through the entire process including billing.

The Cost of Therapy

The price of each session will vary depending on the treatment your therapist performs and the time you spend in therapy. Our rates are set at the median price for therapy in the greater Milwaukee area. Your cost will ultimately depend on what your insurance benefits are, or if you pay cash. Freedom payment options include mail, on-line, or at our front desks.

Insurance Coverage

Before attending therapy, it is important for you to contact your insurance company and determine your benefits.  By doing this, you are fully informed as to how your insurance will pay for therapy services. We recommend inquiring if we are in or out of your network, and clarifying your co-pay, deductible, and coinsurance amounts. We will bill your insurance and send a monthly invoice including those costs that are your responsibility. Freedom is fortunate to have an in-house billing team who work directly with patients and insurance companies.

Cash Pay Option

We offer a discounted, flat rate for those interested in paying cash at the time of service instead of billing insurance. This may be beneficial to you depending on your insurance coverage and/or deductible. Please contact our front desk for more details on rates and packages.

Our cash pay rates fulfill the good faith estimate requirements.

Additional Costs

Your therapists may suggest the purchase of items that are important for your recovery, but not typically paid by insurance. These could include orthotics, taping, braces, home therapy or self-help equipment such as bands and balls. Payment for these items is due when they are dispensed. If you feel your insurance company may pay for these items, we will supply a detailed receipt for you to submit for reimbursement.

If you have any billing questions or concerns, please contact our billing department at 414-352-2082.