Testimonials from the wonderful people we treat

Two months before running my first Ironman 70.3 I developed knee pain that prevented me from running more than 8 miles. This was a problem, given that I would have to run 13.1. I got paired up with Spencer Tredo at the Grafton clinic, and together the two of us worked to heal my pain through PT and exercise that I could do at home. One of my favorite things about Spencer is his incredible knowledge, and his way of explaining why he’s doing everything he is. Race day came and I didn’t have any pain at all! As luck would have it, however, I injured myself during the race. I continued to work with Spencer and am continuously amazed at how quickly he is able to get me back to high-level activity. Both Spencer and Freedom Physical Therapy have played huge roles in my race season, and I look forward to working with them in the future. I’m forever grateful!
J Krick

My body responded better to treatment here compared to facilities in Iowa, Texas, and Wisconsin.
Jason M

Freedom Physical has exceeded my expectations! Through the expertise of the therapists, I have received remarkable therapy that has lead to increased flexion and pain relief on a scale that I never thought I would ever regain. Now, after thirty years of agony, I can, now, function far more independently than I ever thought possible. Specifically, through Dry Needling, I experienced almost immediate relief. This has opened up a new chapter in my life whereby I can face the future with hope, strength, and emotional well-being, too. I cannot thank Freedom Physical enough. I am a walking testimonial to the individual therapists and the Dry Needling technique!
Richard G.

It is always said in life that first impressions are important because they set the tone for how we feel about a place. My first impression of Freedom Physical Therapy Services was that the staffers I encountered initially were helpful and well-organized. I appreciated also that there was convenient parking and the place was impeccably clean. The good feeling I got from my first impression extended into my after-impression as well. My therapist was thorough and caring and developed a program designed to meet my specific goals, not just a cookie-cut treatment. I can do things now that I never thought I would be able to do again, and I credit them entirely.
Marion H.

I’d like to convey my appreciation and satisfaction with the staff at the Grafton.  My family and I have been customers of the clinic since 2010 when I had knee surgery rehabilitation. In addition to the unparalleled level of expertise and professionalism, both Mike and Collin sincerely listen to patients. Both take such a level of pride in their service, and are genuinely interested in explaining their thoughts, causes and approach to treatment in terms that patients  can understand. I am certain that this “investment” of time and patience results in a stronger, longer lasting treatment result.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fantastic service and assistance delivered by Sue and Jean at the desk. Both are a joy to deal with and have been a true resource when navigating the maze of insurance challenges.  My family and I have nothing but praise, respect and gratitude for all the staff at your Grafton Clinic.

Charles W

“My life is so busy that I was almost panic-stricken at how I was going to work in more appointments when my surgeon suggested I have follow-up physical therapy. So what I appreciated the most at Freedom Physical Therapy Services was their respect for me as an individual. My appointments were easily booked, and my treatments were always on time: I never had to wait. My therapist was genuinely concerned about my progress and I am pain free and running again, thanks to them.
Susan B.

By having ergonomic assessments done at our offices and having the therapists at Freedom Physical Therapy Services do workplace evaluations, we have been able to provide our employees with better working conditions and less potential for injuries. We have also been able to see genuine savings in our worker’s comp spending. We highly recommend that other businesses look into their services.
Thomas M.

Initially in for an IT Band issue and Erin was great at dealing with a different issue that came up week to week. She prepared me for my second marathon. She equipped me with the tools to address issues that runners experience. She was a great teacher and I tried to be a good student. At 61 going on 62—never too old to learn, be a runner, and qualify for Boston. Erin made it happen! I am returning to therapy today with more issues that came up that I cant deal with on my own — Erin to the rescue

The competent staff at the Brookfield location of Ryan Bedingfield & Jeff Verhagen was just what I needed last winter to help me overcome injury. They helped me tremendously and put me back on track to particpating in Ironman Wisconsin this year. I am confident I would not have made it to the starting line without those guys. Keep up the great professional work!
Scott Stoltmann

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Tracy the physical therapist does great work. Feeling so much better. Thank you!
Lynn Dunn

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One of the best places to work and get therapy. The staff is awesome! Miss you all.
Rachel Geschke

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I am extremely grateful for the success I have had with my physical therapist Todd P. I have seen him for migraines, neck and shoulder issues, and my knee replacement. Although not enjoyable, dry needling and messaging worked amazingly well for my migraines. They were completely gone in just 2 treatments. Over the years, dry needling has also been helpful with my muscle tension in my neck and shoulder area. Todd does a fantastic job of providing exercises to do to help maintain the results to reduce needing future treatments


With my knee replacement physical therapy Todd was creative and utilized a variety of exercises to help me recover. I deeply appreciated not being bored with the daily activities I needed to do. Being young (49) for a knee replacement and active, I was impatient and frustrated by the length of time it would take to recover. Todd was also supportive, encouraging and honest about the time needed to recover.


Todd’s  bedside manner is fantastic. He takes the time to find out what is physically going on with you and after the diagnosis, explains what is happening in your body and why.
Tammy Unrein

Awesome place! Would recommend to everyone. They take the time to listen and make a plan to help.
Katie Wolf

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Overall very impressed with Freedom. Great facility, wonderful front desk service, and amazing therapists!
Kate D.

Thank you for eliminating the vertigo muscle pain. Very improved!
Kari K.

Ya’ll care about your patients…That is important—keep it up!
Chuck E.

Therapist was very caring and patient with my progress. Willing to go above and beyond to help with recovery.
Mary V.

Scheduling is easy and people are welcoming and easy to talk to.
Sarah J.

Dear Mike K. and the outstanding team of health givers at Freedom Physical Therapy- Grafton. This is not the first time I extolled the qualities of your services which seem to surpass those of others. Your attributes are to be celebrated and I and others are proud to be a part of this celebration today. You have given freedom so many including myself, my wife and, now as of today, two more, my daughter, and a neighbor! Continue with your values, they’re working! Thank you and God Bless!
Rick Gonzalez

Excellent PT’s and OT’s. Received excellent care and results.

Despite doing many things I wasn’t used to, made me feel completely comfortable with everything.

Mike is an excellent PT. Would recommend to anyone.
Dominic Carini

Everything from the time you walk in until you leave is always friendly and attentive to your needs.
Susan K

Definitely a great facility–very competent and compassionate staff!
Sheila Ann Jacque

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I am letting go of TMJ. 5 years too long. Adios my nagging friend!!! Thank you to Freedom Physical Therapy Services and my TMJ Physical Therapist Michael Karegeannes who so delicately dealt with my pain, my tears, my disappointments, my depression, my negative attitude and eventually 5 years later, my utter excitement, my relief, my renewed energy, my increased self-esteem, which all lead to my new successes and entire change of life.
Danielle F.

If you have any sort of pain that has been plaguing you for however long I urge you to explore dry needling. You never see the needles, yes it sometimes hurts, but afterwards the pain is GONE. You go as much or as little as you like. You will be amazed. Check it out. What are you afraid will happen? You will be relieved of your pain?
Mollie M.

* These testimonials are not indicative of every person’s circumstance. At Freedom Physical Therapy Services we do all we can to help you ENJOY MORE FREEDOM but understand results vary depending on each individual.

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