Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

Freedom therapists examine patients from head to toe, analyzing how best to assist them in reaching optimal physical function. In doing so, therapists often provide advice regarding what type of shoewear will augment therapy, help reduce pain and restore function. Even with proper shoe wear, some patients benefit from the addition of custom orthotics to maximize recovery and function.

Signs you made need orthotics

  • Chronic foot, ankle, knee, hip or low back pain
  • Your toes are not straight
  • Your shoes wear unevenly
  • You frequently sprain your ankles
  • Your feet hurt after your favorite activities or at the end of the day

Our specialists perform a complete evaluation of the strength, flexibility and stability of your ankle, knee and hip which allows for the appropriate fabrication of a custom orthotic, with prescribed specifications that closely control your foot the entire time it’s on the ground. The resultant improvement in biomechanics allows weight bearing with optimal alignment and muscle efficiency, leading to alleviation of painful symptoms.

Come get a complete evaluation for custom orthotics

Locations to get Custom Orthotics

Fox Point Clinic
Grafton Clinic
Brookfield Clinic

Our therapists who specialize in Custom Orthotics

Jeffrey Verhagen
Jeffrey Verhagen 


Spencer Tredo