Ergonomic Evaluation

Ergonomic Evaluation


To define our ergonomics services succinctly, it is the process of studying the design of things people use in order to maximize efficiency and safety. Freedom Occupational therapists are experts in this science, offering services to enhance workplace and home environments in order to meet the needs of patients, as well as industrial clients.

Therapists provide on site ergonomic evaluation, followed by detailed recommendations. These include recommendations for environmental set up, and equipment tailored to meet the needs of individual and commercial clients.

Benefits of ergonomic evaluation include:

  • Returning patients to work without re-injury
  • Maximizing productivity
  • Preventing injury due to strain and repetition
  • Reducing work related injury claims
  • Assisting supervisors in recognizing safety risks and solutions
  • Educating workers regarding how to take care of themselves

Our Occupational Therapists will work closely with you to determine the most cost effective and practical ways to reduce injury risk and maximize productivity. Services are tailored to meet the needs of clients ranging from a small home office to large industrial facility.

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Anne Nord
Anne Nord


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Marion Verplancke