TPI Golf ( Titleist Performance Institute)

TPI Golf ( Titleist Performance Institute)

Golf is a widely popular sport that requires time, patience, skill, and physical wellness in order to play. Thanks to the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), golfers can now be seen by TPI-certified specialists to address any physical limitations that may be limiting someone’s golf performance or contribution to current or future injuries.

Certification through the Titleist Performance Institute requires that a specialist complete an evidence-based certification program through TPI. When a physical therapist completes their TPI certification, they receive specialized training that is designed to help understand, diagnose and improve how the body moves during the golf swing. The key to all of this is that a TPI-certified physical therapist is not necessarily teaching you HOW to swing but instead recognizing and addressing physical limitations that were preventing you from swinging the way you want to. Working with a TPI-certified professional is essentially investing in your body, to help yourself perform more efficiently and reduce risk for injury by optimizing your biomechanics.

The best of both worlds

By trade, physical therapists are movement specialists that utilize a combination of manual and exercise interventions to help reduce pain and improve a person’s function. When seeing a physical therapist who is TPI certified, you get the best of both worlds by receiving care from a movement specialist who has received special training designed to specifically analyze and improve the golf swing.

What to expect at your visits

When seeing a TPI-certified physical therapist, here is what you can expect. You will be given a thorough subjective screening to gain a history and then you will be taken through a systematic physical screen that is designed to target the most common areas of limitation for the golfer. After identifying said limitations, the golfer will be given individualized, targeted exercises/stretches to address these limitations. Along with exercises, the physical therapist will also utilize his/her advanced training to perform manual interventions including massage, joint mobilization, and trigger point dry needling to help reduce any pain and improve a person’s mobility to allow them to perform their exercise routine.


TPI Golf Program

60-minute initial screen and assessment: $235
Follow up sessions: $135/session – 5/10/20 visit packages available

Stay healthy on the green all season long!

Locations for TPI Golf Evaluation

Fox Point