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Healthy Return to Activity Following Breast Cancer

After experiencing breast cancer surgery and treatment, working out can become a low priority. Less than 50% of all breast cancer survivors exercise regularly, mostly due to a lack of information about safe and effective exercise.  However, exercising can be the most... read more

Is a Wearable Postural Correction Device For You?

There are many devices available that claim to help fix poor posture including some that beep at you when you’re slouching and others that help strap or brace your body into position.  But do any of them really work? Even as an occupational therapist, I admit I can’t... read more

It’s Falls Prevention Week Everyone!!!

I often give talks on fall prevention and reducing dizziness symptoms.  I was contacted prior to my last class by a woman who planned to attend and wanted additional information before the class. As I walked into the class I recognized her name had been crossed off... read more

How to Boost Your Health with a Vitamin D Rich Diet

Many People who live in the Midwest have conditions associated with vitamin D deficiency due to our limited sun exposure.  As our days shorten and we move toward darker, colder months, it’s important to supplement our diet with vitamin D rich foods.  Deficiency of... read more

Swimmer to Swimmer Advice

Did watching Michael Phelps or Katie Ledecky swim in the Olympics inspire you or someone in your family to begin or resume a swimming program? If so, there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid injury – specifically to the shoulder. As many as 87% of the 100... read more

Cycling for the Average Joe

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to ride in the Tour de France?  Beyond all of the scandals and doping, it remains an incredible test of power and endurance.  As a spectator, it allows the casual rider a glimpse into cutting edge cycling technology,... read more

Would You Benefit from Custom Orthotics?

Foot Orthoses (orthotics) are inserts typically worn inside a closed-heeled shoe. They are used to improve the biomechanics of the foot and lower extremities in order to create greater muscle efficiency with weight bearing activity and/or re-distribute the weight... read more

What is Biodex Testing after an ACL surgery?

ACL surgery can sound pretty scary to anyone, but not knowing all of the processes that follow can lead to an even greater level of fear and uncertainty. One of the most common questions I am asked when treating a patient after an ACL surgery is, “What is the Biodex... read more

ACL Injury Risk in Female Athletes

We treat a fair number of patients with  Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries at our clinics.  Over the last decade, the number of young female athletes with ACL injuries has increased.  In fact, female athletes are four-to-ten times more likely to sustain an ACL... read more

Physical Therapy May Benefit Your Golf Game

Golf can be such a frustrating game.  Little nuances can keep you from playing the way you want.  There is no shortage of people willing to help you fix your game.  Every golf magazine offers some kind of correction for every little fault you might have.  Some work,... read more

Hello Spring, Lets Run!

The weather is finally turning nice, and with that comes the inspiration to get out and run for many people. Although running is a natural human movement, a good majority of us could use a little help with our technique. A little known fact I like to share with my... read more

Don’t Dread The Lower Belly Bulge, Fix It!

A common complaint among women of childbearing age is having a toned upper abdominal area, but a bulging lower abdomen. Not only can this be frustrating cosmetically for women, but it can also be related to stress urinary incontinence. Stress urinary incontinence is... read more

Here’s To You Mother’s Everywhere

The beginning of May is often filled with Mother’s Day related celebration. To Mother’s everywhere, I hope loved ones are telling you how much they appreciate you. As most of you know, the mental and physical work of a Mother never ends. We have little time to reflect... read more

Welcome Spring

It’s finally happening! You can see green shoots starting to peak their way through the brown ground cover, trees are budding, the days are longer and the birds are singing the soundtrack of nature’s Sirens. It’s time to get back outside and say... read more

Enjoy Spring Gardening Without Injury

Spring weather is right around the corner, which means many of us will be planting our gardens soon. Working in the garden is great exercise and can be a very rewarding activity, but we must also consider that it puts increased stress on our bodies. Gardening should... read more

The Tommy John Surgery

As spring training continues to get into full swing I’d like to shed some light on an elbow surgery that is gaining a lot of attention in the press. Many of you have probably heard of the Tommy John surgery (TJS), but there are skewed ideas as to the reasoning behind... read more

Throwing Injury Prevention – Part 2

In part 2 of this throwing injury prevention blog series, I would like to discuss throwing volume and its effect on injury risk. Research has consistently shown a correlation between increased pitching volume and increased injury risk. Despite this information, the... read more

Throwing Injury Prevention – Part 1

Nearly 6 million U.S. children in eighth grade or younger play baseball. Unfortunately, the percentage of these athletes who will sustain an injury is ever growing. Pitch Volume, throwing mechanics, and shoulder range of motion are three major areas that influence... read more

Ready for Spring Training?

Prevention and Rehab of Arm and Shoulder Injuries in the Overhead Athlete The Brewers are in Spring Training and so are we! Spring brings sunshine, warmer weather, and of course, a return to throwing sports and competition. As athletes begin to shake off the rust and... read more

Nipping Chronic Pain in The Bud

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) historic 2011 report, Relieving Pain in America, documented the profound cumulative impact of chronic pain on our nation.  Findings indicated that four in ten American adults live with chronic pain disorders, with annual costs exceeding... read more

How to Throw Out Your Back this Winter

5 easy ways to develop back pain from snow shoveling: Knees straight, back bent.   Lift with sudden, sharp motions. Make the same movements over and over without variation. Start shoveling without warming up. Keep your feet fixed and twist at your waist when you toss... read more

Enjoy Holidays to their Fullest!

It’s that magical time of year again! The holidays are upon us, and for most of us it’s time to buy or make gifts and goodies, decorate the house, and partake in gatherings with friends and family. Although these are usually meaningful events that coincide with joys... read more

Winter Safety Tips

It’s hard to believe winter is right around the corner!  Now is a good time to take steps to make sure you protect your body from seasonal injuries.  Our clinics see a spike in injuries such as low back strains, compression fractures and herniated discs from shoveling... read more

Self management for TMJ pain or facial pain

This post was originally published at Four concepts to encourage healing of musculoskeletal pain include: Reduce Strain Relaxation Posture Stretching Apply moist heat or cold, and massage tender muscle and joints Heat or ice applications used up to... read more

To Click or Not to Click, that is the question!

This post was originally published at One of the most common complaints I hear from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) patients is that their jaw will “pop” or “click”. In many cases, the popping or clicking is harmless, painless and does not impair... read more

Don’t Forget to Breathe

When I began practicing yoga, I didn’t quite get what the fuss over breath was. I started at my local rec center with a yoga teacher who, in a wispy voice, would proclaim “and breeeeeathe!” as we floated down to forward fold.  She may have been a bit... read more

What Is A Concussion?

What Is A Concussion? A concussion is a brain injury that occurs when the brain is shaken inside the skull, causing changes to the brain’s chemistry and energy supply. A concussion might happen as a result of a direct blow to the head or an indirect force, such... read more

Lower Your Injury Risk Following a Concussion

It is common in our practice to observe athlete’s who suffer from balance and coordination deficits following a concussion. These deficits may remain well beyond when an athlete is approved for participation is their sport. I read an article recently in Medicine &... read more

Celebrate Fall with Fall Prevention Awareness

We tend to associate Fall with pumpkin picking, leaves changing colors, and brisk breezes reminding us of impending Wisconsin Winter months. We rarely associate the season with injuries and disability related to falling at home or in the community. This year, National... read more