Spring Hockey Training

Offseason Strength and Conditioning Training for Small Groups

Spring Hockey Training

Freedom will be hosting hockey strength and conditioning sessions for small groups. Each of these sessions will focus on building strength, core stability, and explosiveness. There will also be a strong emphasis on developing proper posture to keep hockey players healthy for all facets of life and preparation for playing hockey at the next level, whatever level that may be for the player.

Typical offseasons for hockey players not playing professionally is 6-8 months long. At Freedom, the offseason is broken into three main training blocks. Spring sessions typically fall within the first training block.

Block 1 Emphasis

  1. Teaching proper lifting technique
  2. Corrective exercise to improve posture and build resistance to injury
  3. Build strength and balance required to perform explosive training in Block 2 during summer sessions


Individual Training is an option for $45/session and can be paid for per session.

Group Training Sessions for 3-4 players are $60/session and must be purchased in a package of four sessions. Or, $240 total for the whole group for four sessions.

This means each individual can purchase 4 sessions for just $15-$20/session!

Email bament@freedompt.com with any questions.


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Coach Brady Ament Leads all hockey sessions

Coach Brady Ament is a personal trainer at Freedom and also coaches for the Homestead High School Hockey Program and the Ozaukee Ice Center Elite Skills Camps.

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