Industrial Rehabilitation & Assessments

Industrial Rehabilitation & Assessments

Freedom Occupational Therapists provide internationally recognized workers’ compensation cost reduction services. Our industrial rehabilitation and assessment services prevent work related injuries, expeditiously return injured workers to their previous job, and reduce claim costs.

Our specialized services include:

On-Site Injury Prevention – We will decrease your workers’ compensation costs by as much as 75 percent, and mitigate fines with our OSHA approved program. We will reduce your OSHA recordable and lost time injuries, increase employee productivity and satisfaction.

Pre-Placement/ Employment Testing – We will provide objective data on a client’s ability to tolerate the essential physical demands of a job, thus reducing the likelihood of future injury and claims. ADA and EEOC compliant.

Ergonomic Consultation – Our specialists observe workers in action to identify injury risk factors and make corrective recommendations. We offer assistance in determining if a musculoskeletal disorder is work related.

Training and Education – Freedom educators offer upper extremity injury prevention, lifting training, back safety and comprehensive ergonomics training for safety teams.

Functional Capacity Evaluation – Our test results provide objective baseline data for return to work or disability, and assist physicians with sound return to work decisions. Our report is completed promptly following the evaluation.

Functional Progress Note/ Functional Discharge Summary – Our trademarked functional documentation of return to work abilities reduces re-injury risk. We also provide outlines of physical demand levels required for full duty work. Our web based evaluation is e-mailed to customers same day.

Job Demands Analysis – We perform a comprehensive analysis of return to work physical demands which helps establish objective return to work goals and identifies light duty availability for return to work. Our analysis and digital video is provided within 48 hours.

Work Hardening/Conditioning – Our comprehensive rehabilitation program prepares patients to return to work, while lowering risk for re-injury. We see a 95 percent return to work rate.

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