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What is BFR Training?

Erin Bafunno is certified in Blood Flow Restriction techniques. Find out what BFR training is and why it is a cutting edge form of training!

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What is the TMJ?

Find out what the TMJ is. If you have a potential dysfunction with your TMJ, find steps for treating and finding help to improve your quality of life!

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Jumper’s Knee

Knee pain from Jumper’s Knee can be debilitating. Find out what you can do if you think you have Jumper’s knee to get back to your sport!

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National Running Day 2019

Here are some simple tips to start running. Maybe you haven’t been out in a bit, or want to start running for the first time. These tips will get you on the right track in honor of National Running Day 2019!

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Kettlebell Fundamentals

Kettlebells have been around for a while and can take your training to the next level and aide in a rehab setting if implemented safely and correctly.

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Shoveling: It shouldn’t be a pain in the back!

1. Hands shoulder width apart on the shovel This will help increase your leverage and take stress off your back. 2. Brace your core Keeping your core tight will protect your back and decrease your risk for injury. 3. No twisting Rotating at the hips when tossing snow...

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