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At Freedom Physical Therapy Services in Mukwonago, we strive to reduce your pain and restore your function as quickly as possible. Our highly trained Physical Therapists collaborate to blend the science of healing with the art of caring on multiple platforms, addressing every aspect of your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Freedom therapists offer the best therapies for pain relief and restoration of function including:

Physical therapy mukwonago staff members participate in the Midnight Magic Parade

Abigail Jurinek, Todd Pratte, and Emily Ladd and family participated in The Mukwonago Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Center Midnight Magic Parade, spreading information on how to Enjoy More Freedom.

Freedom Physical Therapy attends Mukwonago Area Chamber of Commerce Fall Fest

Todd Pratte and Abigail Jurinek enjoyed a day at Mukwonago Area Chamber of Commerce Fall Fest, sharing information about treatments for Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders including jaw pain and headaches.










Abigail Jurinek treating a Sports Medicine patient with knee pain, helping speed her recovery so she can back in the game!

Todd Pratte helping a patient recover from foot pain, one of his many specialties including gait and running analysis.










Freedom is located off Rochester St. in the heart of Mukwonago with convenient parking in front of our clinic. We enjoy being located next to Half-Time’s Downtown Grille and across from The Mukwonago Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Center.

Don’t wait to feel better and perform your best!  Call us today at (262) 363-3268 or click here to request an appointment.

Not sure if you need therapy?  We’ll provide an assessment for free, just give us a call and request a phone or in-person consultation with one of our therapists.

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111 Atkinson St., Suite 2
Mukwonago, WI 53149
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Tel: 262-363-3268
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Monday- Thursday: 7:00am – 7:00pm
Friday: 7:00am – 4:00pm

We offer flexible hours to accommodate your busy schedule.


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