Grace Pitzen


Grace graduated from Marquette University with her Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology followed by her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

She completed clinical rotations in different settings to gain a well-rounded educational experience. This included outpatient orthopedics and pelvic floor, as well as acute care and an inpatient rehab unit in a hospital setting.

Grace first became interested in Physical Therapy during her time as a patient at Freedom PT Services for various running injuries. Since then, Grace has had experience treating a variety of patients, from older adults with balance deficits and generalized weakness, work-related injuries, and postural and ergonomic corrections, to any aches and pains. Grace took an advanced elective Women’s Health course during her time at Marquette to expand her practice in patients with osteoporosis, female athlete triad, cancer rehabilitation, pregnancy, and more.

Grace loves treating outpatient orthopedics because of the length of time spent one on one with patients. Getting to listen to her patient’s goals and tailor treatment to help patients get back to what they love is Grace’s main priority.

In Grace’s free time, you can find her doing almost anything outdoors. She loves running, hiking, biking, camping, and spending time with friends and family.