Throwing Analysis and Performance

Throwing Analysis and Performance

Injury rates for overhead throwing athletes, especially baseball players, are rising. It is becoming more and more common as each season transitions to the next to have more players off the field and in the clinic rehabbing an injury. At Freedom Physical Therapy Services, our Throwing Specialists utilize up-to-date technology to assist athletes in training. They work to improve performance levels and decrease injury rates to allow more on-field play. At Freedom PT, we use a functional movement assessment to assess full-body strength. The complete evaluation allows the athletes to see, both on paper and in their performance, necessary changes to increase performance. We also use video analysis software to improve further the sequencing of athletes’ throwing mechanics and movement patterns to further enhance their performance.

The Freedom Throwing Specialists’ in-depth, comprehensive services consist of video analysis and a functional performance evaluation. This full-body analysis allows for recovery from an injury to be made quickly and smoothly. It also provides performance improvements to be made before or throughout the season. Throwing analysis and performance services can be used as youth athletes, high school athletes, professional athletes, or even semi-professional athletes. At Freedom PT, we have the expertise to meet any of your needs!


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