Feeling young isn’t just for the young!

Feeling young isn’t just for the young! People are living longer and want to remain healthy and have a sense of purpose. There are several ways to promote healthy aging. 6 secrets to healthy aging include; getting the care you need, walking every day, connecting with friends and loved ones, eating healthy, kicking bad habits, and trying new things (tai chi, yoga).


Getting Proper Care

It is important to seek out the proper care you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes regularly scheduled/annual doctor appointments, dental appointments, seeing an optometrist, or seeing a physical therapist. Early detection is important. Treatment early can help with a progression of a disease and help with a full recovery. Physical therapy can play a role in keeping people healthy. Many times aches and pains will not go away on their own. Your body then compensates, leading to other parts of the body hurting. 


Walking every day for 30 minutes can be beneficial to your health. If 30 minutes is too much, listen to your body, but remember something is better than nothing. Often, having a friend or a walking buddy is helpful to hold you accountable. Walking helps with digestion, heart health, improves mood and creativity, and can help with weight loss. Walking also helps to improve bone density which can help with osteoporosis as you age.

Personal Connection

Connecting with friends or loved ones helps to promote happiness. That connection can help reduce depression, anxiety, improve self-esteem, the longevity of life, and even boost your immune system. There are many ways to connect with others, such as book clubs, exercise classes, senior centers, and continuing education such as auditing a college class. Even a phone call or facetime with someone is a way to connect.

  • Eating healthy can help people live longer and look younger. One of the ways is eating meals that are rich in Omega-3 fats, such as salmon. Other top foods for anti-aging include watercress, red bell pepper, papaya, blueberries, broccoli, walnuts, and almonds. These foods contain vitamins, magnesium, lutein, calcium, folate, fiber, and other sources that help in many ways. They help with aging skin, sun damage, bone health, anti-inflammatory properties, boost the immune system and decrease collagen. 

Kick Bad Habits

Kicking bad habits earlier in life will help with healthy aging. Bad habits such as low water intake, skimping on sleep, eating late at night, consuming too much sodium, not getting enough exercise, and foregoing recommended doctor appointments can have a detrimental impact on your health. Changing those habits to live a more healthy lifestyle will help with aging. Find a good routine that will help you eat right, exercise, and sleep better.  

Try New Things

Try new things to stimulate the brain. Challenging yourself has a significant impact on cognition. Try and learn a new language or a new instrument, sign up for a technology class, or a yoga or tai chi class. New learning can help with memory, increase happiness, decrease depression, provide an opportunity to socialize and lead to a sense of accomplishment. 

Don’t let growing old make you feel old. Find that fountain of youth! We have the power to make an impact on how we age. Feel free to contact a physical therapist at Freedom Physical Therapy to evaluate an ache or pain or get you set up with an exercise program.

Heather Barry is a well-rounded therapist specializing in general orthopedics, TMJ treatment, pelvic physical therapy, and dry needling.