This month we have been posting about injury prevention when enjoying summer activities like walking, running, and hiking. A dynamic warm-up before being active is another key piece in this prevention.

Try this easy to follow dynamic warm-up:

Walking alternating toe touches, 20 on each side

Step forward and kick your leg up in the air while reaching toward your foot with the opposite hand.warm-up

Leg sweeps, 20 on each side

While holding onto something stable, cross your foot in front of your body and back out to the side in a sweeping motion.warm-up

Butt kicks, 20 on each side

While slowly jogging forward, kick your heels toward your butt.warm-up

Alternating walking lunge, 10 on each side

Alternate walking forward and dropping the back knee to the ground in a lunge form.warm-up

Heel Raises, repeat 20 times

While holding onto something raise up onto your toes, making sure you keep equal weight through both feet. Repeat 20 times.warm-up



Other static stretches through the quad, hamstring, calf, etc. can be completed after this dynamic warm-up as well as after activity. A fourth lower extremity stretch that is often missed, but is equally important is the hip flexor stretch. When our hip flexors are too tight, it can inhibit other hip and core stabilizing muscles from activating properly. You may try the following 2 stretches.

Kneeling hip flexor stretch


Kneel on the floor on the side you plan to stretch and bring the other hip up to 90 degrees with the foot on the ground. Pull stomach in and “tuck your tail” slightly. Keep the shoulders positioned over the hips and drive your hips forward to feel a stretch in front of the hip and thigh. Hold 30-60 seconds, 2-3 times each leg.


Hip flexor stretch off an edge

Lie on your back with your butt at the edge of a table or bed. Grasp one knee firmly to your chest and let the other leg drop off the table, making sure to keep your back flat on the surface of the bed or table. Hold 30-60 seconds, 2-3 times each leg.


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