With the Packer season now in full swing, we now have an increased amount of injuries affecting the team. One of these injuries has plagued our very own Clay Matthews. Matthews seems to be dealing with a groin strain. This means he has strained the muscles on his inner thigh, called the adductor muscles. Groin strains usually occur during sprinting or when changing direction suddenly, causing a tear in the muscle.

Freedom’s Approach to Clay’s Injury

Immediately following the onset of the strain, therapists or trainers would attempt to reduce and prevent swelling and inflammation by using ice, along with elevation of the leg to prevent swelling from pooling in the leg. We would advise Clay to rest his leg and not do any running, sprinting, or jumping as to not further aggravate the injury.

After this initial phase has ended (usually 1-3 days), therapists can massage the soft tissue of his muscles to help relieve any muscle tension and help deliver blood flow to the area. Accompanying massage, the therapist will prescribe low load, pain free stretching and simple strengthening exercises to return the body to his normal football ready shape. As Clay becomes stronger and the strain less painful, he can move onto more dynamic exercises to help him return to the fast pace of a football game. Exercises can include hopping, jumping, and agility drills. Finally, therapists will move towards more sport specific exercises, getting him into his usual stance on the line, and having him perform quick, explosive movements to return him to his pre-injury state. As long as Clay is pain free, has good mobility and movement, and his flexibility is maintained to ensure he had less risk of re-injury, then I will be confident to send him back out on the field!

If you have any pains or strains like Clay, call or schedule an appointment today so you can get back to Enjoying More Freedom!