Living With Arthritis  

Arthritis may impact one or several joints in your body and often results in pain, inflammation, stiffness, and/or difficulty with mobility. There are several tools available to help alleviate pain from arthritis so you can continue to participate in the activities you love. Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy is one treatment option that can help you live well with arthritis. Living with arthritis is attainable.

 Pain Alleviation 

  • PT and OTs can assess your involved joint(s) to determine how you can move more efficiently with less pain. 
  • The use of manual therapy can improve joint motion and tissue extensibility around the joint. 
  • Learn how to build muscle strength and stability around arthritic joints to reduce joint compression and inflammation. 
  • Stretch the muscles surrounding painful joints to improve the range of motion and reduce pain with mobility. 
  • PTs and OTs can provide a variety of modalities that can reduce pain, inflammation, stiffness, and swelling for better quality of life. Examples include cold or hot therapy, laser therapy, and electrical stimulation. 

 Home Adjustments

  • Learn about sleeping and sitting positions that will benefit your joint health. 
  • Discuss home modifications such as bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen setup that may reduce forces/impact on your joints. 
  • Evaluate if an assistive device or brace can allow you to move with greater ease around your home. 

 Mental Health

  • Learn how to take control in managing your symptoms  
  • Learn what activities and triggers increase your symptoms 
  • Listen to your body and take breaks as needed 
  • Get plenty of sleep each night 
  • Exercise to reduce stress levels and improve mobility 
  • Learn how to continue to participate in hobbies, activities, and events that you enjoy 

 Support Network

  • PT/OTs will listen to your symptoms and how they impact your daily life. They may assist in reducing arthritis’ impact on your mobility so you can enjoy more of what you like to do. 
  • Get connected with an arthritis support group to share experiences and learn from others with similar symptoms.  
  • Get connected with low-impact exercise programs/classes to promote an active lifestyle. 

It is never too late to get on top of or ahead of your arthritis. Schedule an appointment with one of our Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist to learn how to manage your arthritis so you can continue to live well.

Physical Therapist
Karina graduated from Marquette University with her Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology followed by her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.
Karina spent her first few years as a Physical Therapist at an outpatient clinic in Colorado but is happy to be back continuing her career in Milwaukee. She loves the outpatient orthopedic setting as she enjoys treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal diagnoses and the ability to get to know and treat her patients through their entire plan of care.
Karina utilizes manual therapy to improve patient mobility and restore function. Her treatment style includes patient-centered care with an emphasis on improving functional movement patterns, postural stability, and strength to get patients back to what they like to do. Karina is passionate about improving her patient’s quality of life and reaching their functional goals.
Karina continues to expand her knowledge and skill sets. She is Level 1 Dry Needling Certified. Karina has also taken courses in vestibular rehabilitation. She is experienced in assessing and treating vestibular pathologies to improve dizziness and balance disorders.
In her free time, Karina enjoys running, recreational sports, exploring breweries and restaurants, and going on camping trips.