Stay Active Outside During the Fall Season

Despite the cooler weather, fall is still a wonderful time to stay active outside. Below is a list of ways to keep yourself moving throughout the fall season in southeast Wisconsin.

State Park Selfie Stand Bucket List

Selfie stands are posts in the ground with a stand attached that allows you to set up your
phone to take a photo of yourself on timer mode. These stands have been newly installed
along many of the most beautiful areas of various Wisconsin State park trails. Creating a
state park “Selfie Stand Bucket List”, where each weekend you set out to find a couple of
stands to take photos with yourself, your dog, friends, or family, is a fun way to stay
active and also visit our state’s beautiful parks. A map of the selfie stand locations can be
found at

Prepare for your Spring Garden in the Fall

Fall is the ideal time to clean out your summer garden before the cold weather starts to
settle in. This is also a great time to plant various spring bulbs including daffodils, tulips,
and allium. The hard work you put in now will pay off with beautiful flowers come

Follow the leaf change patterns in your area

The Travel Wisconsin website also has a great map displaying the fall leaf color change
in each county. Plan a road trip to see the peak color change in another county or plan for
a fall nature hike once your county hits its peak in fall color change. The Travel Wisconsin
Fall Color Report can be found at

Sign up for a 5K run or walk

The cooler temperatures in the fall are very pleasant for running. Although many 5k races
may be virtual this year, signing up for a 5k is a great way to keep yourself motivated to
run consistently, which will help you achieve your running goals! Running in the USA
website provides a list of upcoming races in the area:

No-Electronics Day

Another unique way to increase your activity levels during the fall season is to designate
an entire day, or even just an afternoon, to turn off all electronic devices in your home.
This may include your phone, TV, tablets, computer, and video games. This will
encourage you and your family to go outside, complete household tasks that have been
on your do-to list, or enjoy playing board games together.

Raking leaves in your yard

Raking leaves, especially if you have many trees in your yard, can be considered a
moderate-level physical activity. Raking leaves is a great way to improve your core
strength, upper extremity strength, and increase your heart rate. If you have not raked
leaves yet since last year, a light warm-up beforehand, including shoulder, back, and leg
stretches, may reduce the risk for injury.

Walk a corn maze and go apple picking

Corn mazes are a great way to increase your daily step count and a fun way to enjoy the
fall weather with your family or friends. There are many different corn mazes in the area
that often choose new themes for their mazes each year. Trying a haunted corn maze will
get your adrenaline running! Additionally, apple picking is a way to increase your
daily step count.

Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors. Use this list to help you stay active outdoors this fall. If you have questions or need assistance in getting active this fall season or at anytime, please contact our Freedom Physical Therapy therapists who can help you get active and remain active.

Nicole graduated with honors from Carroll University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science. She continued her education at Carroll and received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.