Pain is your body’s natural way of letting you know something is not right in your body. For some people, the pain lasts long after the cause of it is gone. Pain lasting greater than 6 months becomes chronic pain. Dealing with the pain day after day can take its toll emotionally and physically. Here are a few ways to help reduce chronic pain symptoms.

3 Tips for Chronic Pain

  1. Walking for 10-15 minutes/day. It increases blood flow to the muscles and joints as well as provides movement and lubrication to the joints, particularly the knees and spine to decrease pain and improve mobility.
  2. Changing position every 30 minutes. Don’t stay in one spot for too long, it causes muscles and joints to become stiff and the cartilage in the joints to become compressed. Try changing positions (going from sitting to standing or vice versa) more frequently throughout the day to decrease your pain symptoms.
  3. Get active and involved with friends, family and the community. It helps you to get moving and get out of the house, as well as helps you keep your mind off of your aches and pains. Finding a partner to be active with helps keep you accountable for daily exercise and the companionship helps pass the time more quickly.

The best thing you can do is address pain, problems, and discomfort before they become chronic. Go see your local Freedom physical therapist when you start to notice symptoms to address them right away.