There are many devices available that claim to help fix poor posture including some that beep at you when you’re slouching and others that help strap or brace your body into position.  But do any of them really work?

Even as an occupational therapist, I admit I can’t keep perfect posture throughout the entire day. I also know from experience those who spend their work life at a desk have a more challenging time avoiding slouching.  If poor posture becomes a chronic issue or if you are experiencing pain symptoms as a result of sitting posture, you may be a good candidate for a postural support device.

Here are a few ideas:

Lumoback is a kickstarter project that has proven successful. The device is a belt you wear linked to an application on your phone. The application can give you information on standing posture and seated posture.

Iposture is a semi-inexpensive device that you either wear as a pendant or stick on your body. It is approximately the size of a silver dollar. The wearable device has nano-technology to provide data about position of your body in space. The device works by calculating your initial posture then as you wear it and slouch it will vibrate to signal you need to correct your position. This vibration happens after 60 seconds of incorrect posture.

Posture Now is a brace you wear to correct your posture. It simply fits over both your upper arms and has a band across your upper back. The company appeared on Shark Tank to promote their product that utilizes your own muscles for stabilization instead of “holding” you into position.

Upright (posture trainer) is a sensor that your essentially stick on the lower portion of your spine. This wearable device allows comprehensive data to be linked to your phone or device. You can correct posture and have feedback from a stick figure like drawing simultaneously.

Bax-u Posture Brace is a wearable support you can take on and off throughout the day. It has two shoulder straps and crosses under breast line with a final front strap. You basically adjust to your body size and shape. The product looks easy to use and adjust.

The above products can be helpful to adjust posture and provide awareness to your misalignment if used properly. The best approach continues to be healthy exercise, strengthening, wellness and breaks during your workday to avoid increased pain. If you are having issues at work or need advice on postural support options please feel free to contact the occupational therapists at Freedom Physical Therapy Services for more information.