Products your Loved Ones Need to Stay Active and Fit

The holidays are just a couple of weeks away with many people still searching for the perfect gift for friends and family. With the new year following closely after all the holiday fun and festivities, it’s a great time to give a gift that promotes health, wellness, and achieving fitness-related new year’s resolutions. Below is the ultimate gift guide for the active and fit person in your life.

Many patients have asked for recommendations on gifts to ask for this year so they can continue to work on strength, balance, and pain management at home. Below are a few of my favorite items which can either be bought directly at the clinics or via amazon.

Therabands: (All resistances available at any clinic)

These loop bands will allow you to perform many exercises to strengthen important muscles such as the hips, glutes, and deltoids. The different colored bands mark different levels of resistance, so you can progress through the levels as you get stronger. Therabands are perfect for the person who frequently travels or lives in a small apartment with limited storage space. 

Neck and Shoulder Relaxer  

This nifty device alleviates pain coming from the neck and head. Lying with this under the neck for 5-10 minutes can help reduce pain and tightness. The combination of the shape and textured surface helps to alleviate symptoms. This is a great gift for people who work from home or spend large amounts of time sitting at a desk. Here is the link to purchase.

Physio Pod

For people looking to improve their balance, these pods are fantastic to use and practice in the home. This particular pod comes with an air pump, but other varieties come in additional colors. A beginner can start by standing with two feet on the pod and finding their center of balance. From there, progressions can be made to standing on one leg. Remember to always stand in a corner when working on balance tasks. An alternate use for this pod is to sit on it while studying or working. This a good solution for people who struggle to focus when they are sitting still. Here is the link to purchase.

Theracane (available at the clinics)

The Theracane is a plastic hook that is shaped in a such way that knots in the shoulder and back muscles can be released via pressure applied through the tool. This is perfect for hard-to-reach areas such as the middle of the back. Keep this in mind for people who mention that they have back or upper trap pain.

Foam Roller: (available at the clinics)

The foam roller can be used for many different purposes. It’s primarily known for its ability to reduce tightness in the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It can also be laid on to passively stretch the pec muscles, as well as be used to facilitate some dynamic stretches. It comes in a variety of lengths and densities. 

Adjustable Ankle Weight 

Adjustable ankle weights allow the user to add and remove rods to change the weight. Perfect for the beginner, these ankle weights can be used during at-home workouts and even be used like dumbbells for upper body strengthening. An additional perk of adjustable ankle weights is that they are easier to store, rather than owning multiple sets of ankle weights. Here is the link to purchase

Freedom Ball: (available at all clinics)

The Freedom Ball® stretches and tones the body creating increased flexibility and freedom of movement. Body rolling is a technique that integrates the use of a specialized ball into the workout program.

 The Freedom Ball is a great way to keep the entire spine flexible. This is also a great tool for those suffering from headaches, migraines, and temporomandibular disorders. 

HyperIce Equipment: (available at all clinics or here )

HyperIce products are for everyone. From the everyday exerciser to the top-end athlete and everyone in between, there is a product that meets your needs. The HyperIce line of products has cryotherapy tools, percussion tools, pneumatic sleeves, and a combination of contrast and percussion products that not only feel great but also help aid in recovery. Some of the percussion products come in different sizes, which allows them to fit easily in bags for travel or use at the gym or office. If you are looking for a gift for an active person, these products won’t disappoint.

These are just a few ideas to get you started in your gift search. If you have questions on any of these great gift ideas for you or a loved one, feel free to contact us.

Kaela Beugnet enjoys treating runners as she is an avid runner and incredibly proficient in treating older adults.