Improving Your Golf Game

Golf is a widely popular sport that requires time, patience, skill, and physical wellness to play. Thanks to the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), golfers can now be seen by TPI-certified specialists to address any physical limitations that limiting your golf performance or contributing to current or future injuries. In this blog, you will learn how to improve your golf game with a TPI-certified therapist.

Over the last few years, studies show close to 40% of people sustain injuries on the golf course each year. The number jumps to over 65% in a golfer’s lifetime of sustaining an injury that takes them off the green for a substantial amount of time. Especially in Wisconsin, where the golf season is short, being sidelined due to injury can cause you to lose part or most of your season due to typically preventable golf injuries. 

 Certification through the Titleist Performance Institute requires a specialist to complete an evidence-based certification program through TPI. When a physical therapist completes their TPI certification, they receive specialized training that is designed to help understand, diagnose and improve how the body moves during the golf swing. The key to all of this is that a TPI-certified physical therapist is not necessarily teaching you how to swing. Instead, they are helping to recognize and address physical limitations that prevent you from swinging the way you want to. Working with a TPI-certified professional is investing in your body to help yourself perform more efficiently and reduce the risk for injury by optimizing your biomechanics.

How a TPI-certified Physical Therapist can help

By trade, physical therapists are movement specialists that utilize a combination of manual and exercise interventions to help reduce pain and improve function. When seeing a physical therapist who is TPI certified, you get the best of both worlds. You receive care from a movement specialist who has special training designed to specifically analyze and improve the golf swing.

 When seeing a TPI-certified physical therapist, here is what you can expect. You will have a thorough subjective screening to gain a history and will be taken through a systematic physical screen that is designed to target the most common areas of limitation for the golfer. After identifying limitations, the golfer will be given individualized, targeted exercises/stretches to address these limitations. Along with exercises, the physical therapist utilizes their advanced training to perform manual interventions including massage, joint mobilization, and trigger point dry needling to help reduce pain and improve mobility.

 Golfers spend great sums of money each year investing in clubs to fix their swings. Although this is important and can be very effective, investing in one’s body is just as important. If you are a golfer dealing with injuries, pain, or physical limitations that impact your performance or enjoyment of the game, consider a consult with a TPI-certified physical therapist.

 Freedom Physical Therapy Services is proud to be able to offer this service. Our TPI-certified physical therapist, Trenton Rehman, is looking forward to helping you move better and improve your golf swing. Sign up today for your TPI golf assessment.

Trenton Rehman is a Wisconsin native, growing up in West Bend and attending West Bend East high school. Trenton went on to attend Marquette University, where he graduated with two Degrees from Marquette University, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and a Doctor of Physical Therapy. During his time in the Doctorate program, Trenton was awarded the Daniel Strelnick award for his assertiveness, communication, and leadership skills in the clinic. After earning his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, Trenton went on to complete an Orthopedic Residency through UW-Health and Meriter, where he underwent advanced training to further his manual skills and clinical knowledge in orthopedics.