Situational Awareness Class

Session 1

Class Time: 1.5 hours

In This Session: Focus on understanding “situational awareness” and how to develop safety measures for you and your family.

Hands On (Optional): How to break free from grabs and holds.

Session 2

Class Time: 1.5 hours

In This Session: Understanding “use of force” against someone who threatens with bodily harm or possible death.

Hands On (Optional): Effective use of oneself and “tools” to prevent or evade danger.

Session 3

Class Time: 1.5 hours

In This Session: Applying situational awareness at home or in the office. How to create and use a barricade. Use of commands and effective strikes.


Ken Marek


Freedom Physical Therapy Services, 1235 Dakota Drive, Suite L, Grafton, WI, 53024


Session 1: Tuesday, November 14 at 7pm.

Session 2: Tuesday, December 5 at 7pm.

Session 3: Date to be announced at 7pm.


$45/person total for 3 sessions.


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