Celebrating Great Outdoors Month

The greater Milwaukee area offers many great ways to enjoy the great outdoors.  As the weather turns from spring to summer, we are all thinking about getting outside and soaking up the sun and warm temperatures. For me and my family, we love to get outside and explore what Milwaukee and surrounding areas have to offer. Getting outdoors can offer many benefits, physically, mentally, and socially. Here are 5 ways to celebrate the great outdoors month in Milwaukee.


As restrictions from COVID-19 are lifted, getting outdoors is a great way to spend some time with friends and family. Taking a hike is a great way to explore the beautiful landscape Wisconsin has to share. We enjoy trying out different state and local parks with trails. A great place to explore is Lion Den Gorge in Grafton, WI. Hiking provides both physical and mental benefits. Hiking strengthens your core and lower extremity muscles, improves your balance, and boosts your mood by decreasing stress and anxiety.


Another great outdoor activity is bike riding on local trails. Biking is one of the healthiest and low impact forms of exercise that causes fewer strains and injuries than most other workouts. The benefits of biking include improved joint mobility, increased strength, and endurance, better balance, decreased stress levels, and increased blood flow making it great for your brain. A fun place to take your bike and ride the trails is Fox Brook Park in Brookfield, WI. Whether you want a hard workout that makes you sweat or a stroll, taking a ride is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors.


One of the great things about Milwaukee is the water that surrounds it. Whether in the lake or on the river, kayaking can be a fun and social activity. Rent a kayak and kayak on the Milwaukee River. Kayaking is a low-impact activity that you can do with friends or family. Kayaking works the torso and leg muscles, improving strength and flexibility. Beyond the physical benefits of kayaking, it can be great mentally. It can be peaceful and meditative in the calm waters.

Visit a Local Beach

If being on a bike or taking a hike isn’t your idea of a fun way to celebrate the outdoors, an afternoon at the beach is a great way to still appreciate the outdoors without the sweat! A stroll looking for driftwood or sea glass treasures, a game of beach volleyball, building sandcastles, or just relaxing reading a good book are all great ways to enjoy the beaches of our beautiful lakes. Try Mukwonago Park Beach for a relaxing afternoon on the beach.

Pack a Picnic

If you have tried all of the others and are still looking for other activities to help enjoy the outdoors, either pack or pick up a picnic lunch or dinner. What better backdrop to a meal with family or friends than the beautiful scenery around us. While there are many great parks to picnic in, Doctors Park in Fox Point or Lake Park on the Eastside of Milwaukee are great parks to throw down a blanket and relax.

Take advantage of the beauty the greater Milwaukee area holds and get out to enjoy the great outdoors this summer. Our Physical Therapists want to help you get out and enjoy what Milwaukee has to offer. If you have other Milwaukee area suggestions for places or things to do to enjoy the outdoors, leave them in the comments below.

Physical Therapist at Freedom Physical Therapy Services
Molly Rittberg received her master’s degree in Physical Therapy in 2007 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and went on to receive her doctorate from Rosalind Franklin University (North Chicago) in 2009. She has since worked in an outpatient orthopedic practice where she worked with patients of all ages, injuries and disabilities. She has a wide variety of experiences including knee, ankle, foot and shoulder injuries, post-operative conditions, spinal rehabilitation and peripheral neuropathies.