Golf can be such a frustrating game.  Little nuances can keep you from playing the way you want.  There is no shortage of people willing to help you fix your game.  Every golf magazine offers some kind of correction for every little fault you might have.  Some work, some don’t.

Where should you turn when you just can’t seem to fix that problem with your game?  If you have tried working with a pro and are still struggling in your game, maybe it is time to see your physical therapist.  We are movement professionals.  It’s our job to look at the human body and determine what is not moving or working optimally.  There may be some facet of your flexibility, balance, or strength that is (even slightly) off, contributing to problems with your swing or other nagging issues.  Physical therapists are experts at evaluating and weeding out problems in areas involved in golfing including trunk and hip flexibility, core strength, balance, and coordination.   Maybe you are still compensating for an old injury and it is affecting your swing.  A good therapist will help determine that and help you finally clear it up.

One example is with a collegiate golfer who had struggled for years with back pain and limited performance.  She saw a physical therapist trained in functional movement analysis, and realized that her right knee was not moving correctly during her back swing due to an old injury.  After a short course of therapy her symptoms and game improved.  Her therapist simply guided her to regain proper mobility and strength in her knee and she was able to return to her prior form.

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the freedom of playing your game to the best of your ability?  Maybe is it time you called one of our therapists and had an evaluation.  That might take a few strokes off of your game, or at least keep your drives down the middle of the fairway.

Todd Pratte PT, MTC, CMTPT
Physical Therapist