What are the reasons you should start personal training?

Fitness can be more comfortable for some and harder for others. Right now, there is more readily available information to follow on the internet than ever before. This information can be beneficial and allow you to create your fitness plan. Though there are downfalls to too much information, it can sometimes be hard to decipher which methods are right for you. This instance is where a personal trainer can be of benefit. Here are ten reasons to start personal training!

1. Expert Instruction

Certified personal trainers take most of the guesswork out of training. They know how to teach form, program correctly, give you essential tips on nutrition and customize fitness plans to you and your goals. There is no need to understand all of the detailed information on the internet; come to your appointments, and your trainer will take care of the complicated planning!

2. Setting Appropriate Goals

Speaking of setting goals, personal trainers help you set realistic and specific long and short term goals tailored to you. Balancing managing expectations with pushing you toward your goals will keep you on track for your fitness journey!

3. Motivation

Is your problem getting in shape just showing up to the gym or getting off the couch to go for a run? That’s not a problem when you know you have to be at your training appointment. Not to mention your trainer is there for support. They have tips and tricks to remind you of how far you have come and how achievable your goals are if you stay on track.

4. Price vs. cost of other fitness-related items

Personal training typically ranges from $45-$70/session. If this sounds high to you, consider the value compared to other options. Gym memberships, although not as costly, are only useful if you know what you are doing. Gaining knowledge you need to be efficient in the gym requires lots of time reading up and developing the right plan, and understanding yourself enough to set the right goals. On the other hand, home gyms can quickly become expensive, and currently, there are long wait times for the shipment of fitness equipment. All the knowledge and equipment you need incorporate in the cost of a personal trainer.

5. Efficiency

Mentioned as an advantage of the cost of personal training, being efficient is one of the best perks of using a trainer. With the guidance you receive, you don’t waste time figuring out what to do and promptly get done with your workouts. You can also achieve your goals more quickly due to the knowledgeable planning to work towards your goals without any sidetracking.

6. Efficiency

Have you ever strayed from a workout plan or diet? Personal trainers have useful tips to stay on track and always make sure you don’t stray from your path.

7. Balance your fitness plan with your nutrition plan

Speaking of accountability and reaching your goals, much of your fitness journey will correspond with your diet. Although Certified Personal Trainers are not nutrition experts, they have a basic understanding of nutrition to support your goals. If they can’t help you, they have access to a network of nutritionists, registered dieticians, or health coaches to make sure what you eat lends positively to your goals.

8. Cater to your personal goals

Focusing on your specific needs is one of the most significant benefits of a personal trainer. Whether you want your training to improve performance in a sport, feel more confident in your body, become healthier, improve balance, or become more efficient in everyday tasks, a trainer will tailor your program to what you want. Unlike group training classes or online training plans, everything a trainer plans are to fit your goals, no matter how specific.

9. Provide a safe environment

Right now, gyms can be a crowded environment, which could be a concern for some. In a personal training studio, you get privacy away from the crowds. On top of that, the one-on-one attention from a personal trainer can reduce the chance of injury by always focusing on safe form techniques and working around any problem areas you may have.

10. Access To Physical Therapists

Here at Freedom Physical Therapy Services, you and your trainer have easy access to a physical or occupational therapist’s opinion or guidance. If you have any concerns over aches and pains, therapists can address those to get you back to physical activity as soon as possible. Therapists can also give the trainer specific changes to your exercise program to keep your body performing optimally.

Personal Trainer and Patient Relations Specialist at Freedom Physical Therapy Services
B.S. Biology
Brady manages patient relations and is a personal trainer at Freedom. He also coaches hockey at the Ozaukee Ice Rink and for Homestead High School.